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    One of our members from South Africa submitted the following:
    I am 41 years old.
    I had a stroke. I was in hospital for two months. I fought to survive and I am still fighting to survive.
    Survivors, what do you think?

    Sent from Stroke Survivors Foundation (SSF) – PDSS

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    • Ignatius Himbala

      Am a member of PDSS based in Zambia. My biggest problem is when I take any
      of my prescribed drugs my BP reading goes up. And I have since stopped
      taking any of drugs. The second challenge is my diet is so poor. I live on
      sour milk anything else tend to harass me. Fellow patients please help. My
      financial status does qualify me for anything better than that.

    • George Scola

      Hi Natasha
      Welcome to the PDSS network! 🙂
      I like your attitude….never give up! Good for you and very well done.


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