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Registration from affiliated sites

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Strokefocus provides sites for associations we work with. You can find them on the Association page of Strokefocus:

Click on Associations, you will see this page:

If you run an association and would like to work with the Strokefocus team, please register yourself as a user with Strokefocus and submit your organization. Once your association is publicly listed, you can go ahead and request a site provisioned for your organization.

Read how a user can submit an association.

An affiliated with provided by Strokefocus looks like this:

It allows you to recruit like minded local support groups and publish them on your site, making it easy for people to find.

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Signing up with Strokefocus is easy.

We also help groups who choose to list on Strokefocus mass register your group members.

Click on the Sign Up button.


Then you should see a Sign Up form like this:


Once you fill out the information and click on Complete Sign Up, you should get an activation email:

Once you click on the activation link, you will see a page to activate your account like this:


Once your account is activated, you may log in to update your profile picture.

Select a picture you like and crop it to fit into the profile avatar field.

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Create A New Topic

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Forums are a great way to share information. Strokefocus forums are very easy to use. Let’s start by adding a new topic and follow it.

To add a new topic. Click on Discussions / forum. Then click on any forums under which you would like to show your topic.

Strokefocus has forums including Aphasia, Caregiving, Finance, Diet etc. They are grouped into 5 major sections For Survivors, For Caregivers, Ask Pros, For Researchers. Find A Support Organizations:


Then choose the right forum

Inside the forum, you can scroll down to the area where it says Create A New Topic.

Add your topic:



You may also follow a topic by clicking on the Follow button. Once you do that, if anyone responds to the topic, you will receive an email notification.



When you post a topic, make sure:

  1. You always include some text in the message body in addition to the links you would like to share. Otherwise, our system might confuse it spam – even though it is not.
  2. Do not include too many external links, for example, 15 or more. If you have too many external links in your message, it will be sent to site admin for review to make sure it is not spam.

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Start A Topic Using Email

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To create a topic using email is just like sending any email.  It only take 2 simple steps:

  1. Find the right email address to send your topic to.
    • Each forum corresponds to one special email address for you. How to find the email address for the forum is explained below.
  2. Email your topic.

Once you have emailed your topic, the Strokefocus Forum will post it in about 10 minutes and subscribers to the forum will be notified. 

  1. Find the right email address for the forum you choose:

If you have already started participating forum discussion using email, you should find at the bottom of each email notifications a list of email addresses and their corresponding forums. Find the unique email address there:


Or if you are inside a forum, you can also find the the special email address to submit your topic to the forum by email. Just follow right above the section to add a topic.

2. Email your topic.


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Reply To A Topic

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To any topic, you may respond by submitting your message via the Reply area.



You can also share any topic via Social Share buttons or choose to like a topic.


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Reply To Forum Topic Via Email

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To respond a topic by email is very simple.

Just reply to the notification, like you do when replying to any email.

And Strokefocus will post your topic as a reply on the forum.

That is it.

  1. When a new topic is posted, Strokefocus will notify members who follow the forum via email.
  2. If you posted a topic, whenever someone responds to it, you will also be notified.
  3. After getting the notification, simply reply via email.
  4. In less than 10 minutes, your email reply will be posted.


To receive updates on a forum, make sure you Follow the forum, or you can Unfollow it to stop receiving future updates.

You can do the same to a particular topic.

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Create a Group Event

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Once a group is affiliated with an association, it can submit a group event or a group blog.

Create Group Event on the association site admin panel

You can log in to the admin panel of the site of the association you now affiliate with to create group events.


Keep in mind, ONLY group admins of affiliated groups can log into the site for the association.

Once you log in, you will see the Event section. Click on Event. Depending on if the event is one time or recurring, click on Add Event or Recurring Events

When setting up recurring events, define how the events recur.

When entering the location, choose a name for the event, if the meeting is recurring monthly, then you can choose a date the meetings recur, or which day and week the meetings recur.

When entering the event location,

  1. Choose a location name. It can be anything you would like to name it;
  2. Enter an address that Google Map recognizes. Test it with Google Map;
  3. If this is an online event, click “this event does not have a physical location”.

The submit the event for review.


To make your event stand out, choose a Featured Image. Recommended size is 1280 x 720

Submit your event from the front end

You can go from your group page on the Strokefocus page to find under Events tab, the button Submit A Group Event.

Keep in mind, if the association you affiliate with uses its own URL for its site, you will be asked to log in to the site before you can submit the event.

Click on the button Submit A Group Event to submit a group event – Please note, this is only available to the group admin.

Alternatively, you can log into the association site, and on the front page of the site. If you are the group admin of an affiliated group, once you log into the association site, on the front end, under Events, you should see Dashboard. Click on it.

Then on Dashboard, click on Add New.

You can set up a single event or recurring event.

Fill out the rest of the information. You can choose to make your event online only (check “this event does not have a location”) or enter an address:

After the event is submitted, you will see a confirmation page.

An event has to be approved by the affiliated association to be published.

Once published, you can find the event on the Event Calendar page.

You can also see the event posted on the Group Event tab:


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Save To The Google Calendar

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If you have a Google Account, you can save the event to your Google Calendar with one click. Once done, Google will remind you by sending notifications before the event.

Just click on the +Google Calendar button.


When you save, Google Calendar will automatically adjust to the time zone you are in.


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List Your Group

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One of the most important features of Strokefocus is it allows you to publish your group to display on the Google Map.

To create a group, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Create A Group button:



2. Then enter the name and a brief description of your group:



3) Then in the Select Group Settings page, define who can invite new members to join the group:



4. Enter the group contact information:



5. On the Upload Group Avatar page, upload your group logo.




6. On the Upload Cover Image page, choose your group banner image.



7. Enter your group address. This is very important if you want your group to display on the map.



8. You may invite any existing members you know to join the group.



9. Then click on Finish.




Your group will be reviewed to decide if it should be published as a public group. Only a public group will display on the map.


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Inviting Others To A Group

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A group admin or group mod can update the setting on who can invite others to join. To do so, click on Manage, then on Setting.


Anyone with permission to invite others will see a Send Invite button. By clicking on it. One can invite either the members of the site or email invitation to those who have not yet joined the site.



To send an invitation to those who have not yet joined the site:

  1. Enter the email address(es);
  2. Customize the message;
  3. Choose the groups for the invitee(s) to join.

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Affiliate with an association

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Strokefocus allows groups to affiliate themselves with associations they choose.

Each group can affiliate with ONE association. A group may withdraw its affiliation with an association at any time.

A group affiliated with an association can post group events or group blogs on the association’s website. The association can distribute the posted events and blogs to other affiliated groups.

  1. Once your group is listed as public, you will receive an email notification, and your group can be found on Strokefocus main site group area. A public group will show.


2. Once your group is public, you will see a Manage button on your group tab.

Click on Manage, you will see Association button

Each association listed has a site provided by Strokefocus.

You can request affiliation by checking the group and clicking on the button Save Changes.

Before the affiliation request is approved by the association, it will show pending.

Once the association approves to affiliate with your group, you will see the tab changed into this. You may click on Disassociation button to withdraw from the association at any time.

An association can also invite a group to affiliate with it. When the invitation is sent, the group admin will see this on the Group Association tab.

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In A Group

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Strokefocus makes it very easy for you to join a group and participate in its activities.

Once you have joined a group, click on Activity, and post in the What’s New box.


If you are a group admin or a group mod, you will see the Manage button. Click on it, and you can update the information about the group.



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Submit A Group Blog

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Once a group is affiliated with an association, it can submit a group blog.

Log into the site of the association your group is affiliated with:

After logging into the association site, you will see the admin dashboard where you can submit the group blog. Click on Posts –> Add New

Now keep in mind, this is the backend of the association site. You can also submit the group blog from the front end which we will explain below.

Once you click on Add New, you should see this:

Choose the group(s) you would like your blog to reach. Ideally, choose a featured image. A featured image will make your blog stand out. Recommended size: 1280 x 720.

Then submit your blog for admin to review.


Alternatively, you can submit your group blog from your own group page on Strokefocus, or the front end of the association site.

Submit a group blog from your group page on Strokefocus.

Please note that only the group admin of the group can see this button. Click on Submit A Group Blog, you will see the form on the affiliated association site to submit your blog.

Once you click on the Submit A Group Blog, if your association’s site starts with https://staging.strokefocus.net, you will see pages like below. If your association site uses a URL different from https://staging.strokefocus.net/xxxxxx then you will be asked to log in first. Log in with your credential for https://staging.strokefocus.net.

Once you log in to the association site, on its front end, you will see this:

Then you will see this:

Once the blog is submitted, you will see a confirmation page.

The blog will be reviewed by the association. Once it is approved, you will see it both on the association site and the group’s Our Blogs tab.

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Resource Listings

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Strokefocus Resource section is an easy-to-navigate and rich interface. You may recommend resources to other members.

You may bookmark a resource by clicking on the Heart button. You can also check your bookmarked listings by clicking on the Star button.

If the listing is submitted with videos attached, you can check them out on the Videos tab.

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List Resources You Recommend

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Strokefocus allows you to publish resources you know and display it by Google Map.

To add a resource, you can click on Resource Submission.

Or Add Resource button on the Resources home page:

Then fill out the form for the resource you would like to list.

When you fill out the form, pay attention to 2 fields:

  1. Contact email: If you would like the visitors of the site to reach the listing owner, enter the Contact email. Contact email will not be displayed, but it will be connected to the Contact form on the listing.
  2. Claim: If you would like the owner of the listing to take over the ownership of the listing one day, choose to make the listing claimable.

To make your listing more compelling, it is a good idea to add the testimonial videos and logo of your listing:

And please do not forget to enter the address.

Strokefocus allows each listing to have multiple addresses.

Each resource listing will be reviewed and approved by Strokefocus site admin before publishing.

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List Your Association

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Helping local stroke and TBI (traumatic brain injury) organizations grow defines the mission of Strokefocus. Most of the support organizations lack the wherewithal to maintain a professional web presence. Let us help! List your association with us. We will provide a professionally designed site with essential features such as event management, blogging and newsletter for you.

An association is an organization with a number of support groups affiliated with it.

A registered user can submit an association.

Enter the name of your association

Do not forget to enter the address. An association with address will be shown on the map of the Association page.


You may also click on Association, then Add Resource to submit your association. It is the same as clicking on Add An Association:

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Run Your Own Site

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Once your site is set up, you can manage your own newsletters and autoresponders. There is a lot the Strokefocus system can do to help your organization grow.

Here are some showcases:

The Stroke Association Supportnetwork Ghana:

The Stroke Survivors Foundation PDSS Program

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Request A Site

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An association listed on Strokefocus can request a site. The site is professionally designed with the following functions:

  1. Blog
  2. Events
  3. Newsletter

Once your association is published, you will receive a notification, and on your user menu, you will see Set Up A Site.

Click on that, you will see a form. Choose the association you just submitted. Strokefocus will automatically pull information you have submitted.

After filling out the required information, you can choose the groups you would like to affiliate with.

Submit your request. Strokefocus site admin will review your request. If the site admin agrees to create a site for you, you will be notified via email. And you will see Strokefocus adds a new item on your user menu: My Association.

Once Strokefocus provides the association a site, its listing will automatically be updated.

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Join Strokefocus From An Association

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Survivors, caregivers and professionals can sign up from the site provided by Strokefocus.

Anyone who signs up from the subsite will automatically receive an account to access Strokefocus main site.

The association can set up autoresponders to connect with the new users by providing useful information.

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Import Blogs With 1 Click

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Writing blogs can be very time consuming. Without constantly updating blogs, your site can look stale. At the same time, many terrific stroke and TBI bloggers are looking for more readers. What if you can work with them with a few clicks.

With Strokefocus, you can now do that! Strokefocus is working to sign up globally ranked bloggers who would like to share their work.

Now, let’s give this exciting feature a test!

Log into your association site with your association user ID. You will see Articles on the admin panel.

Click on it. You will now see the blogs published by bloggers who have given permission to Strokefocus to share their work. And when you point your mouse to the articles, below each article, you will see Preview and Publish button. Click on Preview, a window will pop out to let you see what it will look like if you publish the Blog on your site.

If you like the article, you can return to the association site admin panel and click on Publish.

Once the article is published, you can add a featured image to it, and share the article with your groups.

Once done, click on the Update button to save all changes.

Now you can check if the article is successfully shared with your affiliated group.

Click on Resources –> Groups on your site. You should see all the affiliated groups.

Click on the groups you choose to share articles with, you should see the article is posted successfully.

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Newsletters and Autoresponders

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A very professional looking newsletter goes a long way to project your organization.

A Strokefocus site allows you to set up your newsletters and autoresponders with a few clicks. You can easily embed videos, blog posts and events in your newsletter. Contact us at help@strokefocus.net to learn more. We are here to set you up and ramp you up to speed. Our team will also work side by side with you to make sure your newsletters and autoresponders take off.

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Blog Section - Association

Create A Blog

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Each association site has a blog section.

An authorized user can create blogs on the site. If you are the admin of an affiliated group, you may also submit a blog on the front end of the association site.

Log into the association site, then follow these steps:

  1. Getting started

Click on Add New to publish your blog


2. Add your blog

If you are not the admin of the site, instead of Publish, you will see Submit for Review


3. Submit a blog from the front end

If you are the admin of an affiliated group, you can submit a blog from the front end of an association site. You must be logged in to use this feature.

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Distribute Your Blog To Affiliated Groups

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Each association site has its blogs section. It is in the Posts section of the admin dashboard. Click Posts –> Add New

You can write a blog. And distribute it to groups affiliated with the association.

  1. Select the groups you would like to distribute the blog to:

On the lower right section, you will find the list of groups:

2. The Publish / Update

3. Now you can check if the groups you selected have received the blog

Go to the front end of the site. Click on Resources –> Groups

4. Click the group you would like to check

5. Click on the group, then Our Blogs tab of the group

If this is the group you distribute the blog to, it should appear under the Our Blogs tab.

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Import the blog works

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As an association leader, you are busy. You do not always have time to write blogs. At the same time, there are many outstanding stroke bloggers distributing good information. Can you repost their work on your site?

Yes, you can. With just a few clicks, bloggers working with Strokefocus will see their work appear professionally on your association site.

  1. Go to Articles section

2. Find an article, preview, or publish.

The Articles section only shows work of those bloggers working with Strokefocus. If you have someone to recommend, write to us at info@strokefocus.net

3. Once you publish an article, it moves to the Posts (Blog) section of your admin panel.

You can then edit it like any other blog

You can easily distribute the work to your groups like you did with other blogs. Check how to do it.

You can distribute the work as part of your newsletter using Single Post or Blog Posts blocks. Check how to do it.

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Getting Started With Newsletter

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Strokefocus delivers the latest newsletter function to its associations. Keep in mind, this function is only available to associations who use the site powered by Strokefocus.

You need to be the admin of an association site in order to use this feature.

  1. Open the Newsletter function. Click on Newsletter –> Newsletters

2. Click on the Drag and Drop Composer

3. Select a Preset. 

After you click on the Responsive Drag and Drop, you will see this:

After selecting a preset, you can then edit it:

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Useful Blocks for Newsletter

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When you start editing the newsletter, you can choose from a list of blocks:

Useful blocks you need to know

Drag and Drop Composer is very powerful. Here are some blocks you might use the most:

You can use these blocks to

  1. Import blogs
  2. Import videos

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Add Blog Posts to Your Newsletter

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Single Blog Post

You can with one click, add a blog posted on your site to your newsletter. To do so, drag and drop the Single Post block to your email body.

Select the blog post you would like to include:

Click on Apply, the blog is now part of the newsletter:


You may also import multiple blog posts

Drag and Drop Blog Posts block to your newsletter template

Define how you want to import the blog posts

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Import Video

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Video Block

You can add videos to your newsletter with just a few clicks.

Drag and drop the Video block to the newsletter body:

Once the video block is added, you will see this:

Add the URL of the video you would like to include. Keep in mind, only YouTube and Vimeo videos work with the system.

You can find the video URL here:

Once you pasted the video URL into the video block, click on Apply, the video is added:

Once you click Apply, you should see the video is added:

4. Test the newsletter, click on Save and Next

To test your newsletter, designate some users on your site as Test Subscribers

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Add a subscriber to your tester list

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It is always a good practice to send your newsletters to testers for review.

You can add any subscriber on your list to your tester list. Just 2 simple steps:

  1. Find the subscriber on your lists, click Edit

2. Change Test subscriber to Yes. Save the change

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Send Your Newsletter

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After your newsletter is complete, now it is time to send it.

  1. Save your newsletter. Click on Next

2. You can choose to send the newsletter now or schedule it for future delivery:

3. Choose the list you would like to send the newsletter to:

4. After your newsletter is sent, it automatically leaves an archived copy

Visitors of your site can find it under Blog –> Newsletter on your site

5. Visitors to your site can see all newsletters you have sent

6. Clicking on any of the newsletter on the archive list, it will open like this:

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Mobile App

Sign Up With Strokefocus Mobile App

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Strokefocus mobile app can be found in both the Google Play App store for Android users

and in the IOS app store for Apple users.

When registering, Strokefocus will check to make sure the email address you use is valid:


And you will choose an association close to your location:

When choosing an association:

If you are in the US,

  1. Choose Support Groups of BIAG if you are East of Mississippi
  2. Choose NW Brain Network if you are West of Mississippi

If you are outside the US, the current choices are:

  1. Stroke Survivors Foundation of South Africa
  2. SASNET – Ghana
  3. National Stroke Aid (NASAID – Zambia)

And choose a user type:

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Participate the forum discussion with the mobile app

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After logging into the mobile app, the user will see the screen like the following. To log in, the user should use the username and password for the Strokefocus account:

All strokefocus forums are grouped under different sections. Choose a section, and click on the forum you would like to participate. Once the forum opens, you will see the forum screen like this:

On the forum screen, you can click on the Follow / Unfollow button to subscribe / unsubscribe to this forum. 

To start a new topic, click on Start a new conversation:

The benefit of subscribing to a forum

Once another user posts on the forum, you subscribe, the Strokefocus system will send you an email notification. Reply by email. Your response will be posted to the forum. And you do not need to log into the Strokefocus site or mobile app to use this feature. 

If there is a topic you would like to reply to, click on any topic, submit your reply.


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Add Sponsors

Add the logos of your sponsors

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Each association can easily add logos of their sponsors to the site.

They will show like this:

To upload their logos is very simple.

Click on Logo Showcase –> Add New

The take care of 3 fields

  1. Give your logo a title
  2. Add the URL of your sponsor (optional, but recommended)
  3. Upload logo image

Then Publish

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