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    We all know exercise is very import to survivors.


    But what exercise?


    This is a very interesting discussion between some of the world’s best stroke researchers and survivors on exercise. We have a lot to learn from each other. Many thanks to Coralie and Elizabeth who were part of the discussion.


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    • zoe

      I’m a runner and desperately want to get out on Road again!!! I am back with PT 3x week doing strengthening exercises and balance. dr days I can run my hubby is not happy about that!

    • Joyce Hoffman

      My PT said as long as you keep the muscles moving—like in seated marching, or stand and sit repeatedly with the chair behind you—is better than nothing. When I feel stronger, I’ll grab onto the edge on the sink for stability and do some exercises like partial squats. You best check with your PT and do exercises that are appropriate for you depending where you are in strength and mobility, judged to keep you safe from falling.

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