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    Kelly Campbell

    Great info on Ataxia!

    What Is Ataxia? Cerebellar Stroke Effects Treatment


    What is Ataxia?

    A cerebellar stroke, Ataxia in particular, is a rare type of stroke that may cause a loss of coordination, as well as other deficits that can contribute to a reduced overall quality of life.

    Cerebellar strokes are often misdiagnosed, due to their milder and more nonspecific symptoms when compared with other types of strokes. In fact, a recent study estimated the cerebellar stroke misdiagnosis rate to be as high as 35 percent due to symptom overlap with other conditions. This is bad news for those suffering cerebellar stroke effects because delays in cerebellar stroke treatment can raise a patient’s risk of serious damage and long-term impairments.


    Signs to look for to determine if a patient has suffered a cerebellar stroke:



    Loss of coordination


    Difficulty swallowing

    Difficulty walking or controlling fine motor movements

    After a stroke occurs, immediate medical attention is vital to minimizing neural damage.

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      There were many things that “went away” over the time for me:

      1. ataxia
      2. dysphagia, hoarse throat and swallow disorder.
      3. Phlegm.
      4. Double vision.

      It was really scary that I did not know if things would truly get better. There was no treatment. No drug. Doctors did not know if things would even improve.

      I got more assurance from Chinese acupuncture doctors. Because many treat survivors for a long time, they could tell me that so and so symptoms over the time will get better.

    • Anonymous

      Ataxia is scary. And doctors told me that there is no specific treatment for it. “It just naturally gets better”. Luckily for me that was the case. I had no control over my arms and legs. They went all over the place. Coordination was out of the question. My guess is Ataxia had a lot to do with inflammation. In my case, as soon as acupuncture put my phlegm and other issues under control, ataxia started to fade away.

      If I were to name 3 things suck most with stroke, they are aphasia, ataxia and dysphagia.

    • Strokefocus Admin

      I suffered bad ataxia at the beginning. It has got a lot better over time. I wonder it has anything to do with brain swelling.


    • Strokefocus Admin
      Kelly, thank you for sharing this!
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