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    Joyce Hoffman

    I wait want to hear more on my topic.

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      I’m hard on myself. The pronunciation is never good enough. But when I look
      back 13 years ago, and how I was speaking then, I know I’ve improved
      greatly. Remember the word HOSE!–H stands for hydrate, O is for
      overpronouce, S stands for speak slowly, and E is for speak on the exhale,
      not on the inhale. It’s a good idea to have a speech therapist come once a
      year or go for a class as part of what I like to call a tuneup.

    • Tshidi Modiragale

      I have aphasia,i attend speach Therapy weekly sometimes i feel i running out of breath and struggling to pronounce word and get too frustrated. how long can this take i miss talking normal again. please share your advise how did you recover what should a try on my own .Thank you.

    • Cosmo Kramer

      The email reply function will be very nice to have.

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      Joyce, tell us what you have in mind. Additionally,  please try to reply directly via email. See if your reply gets posted.


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