Reply To: International Stroke Day


I know we all need support and encouragement, it is good that we have this forum to get our thoughts out there. But no one can encourage someone who has not made the effort to pick them selves up. You can not look at what other professional groups put out there they are seeking money and they need to try to convince people that sending that money will impact the people they supposedly serve in order to get that money. However, every survivor needs to find it within themselves to continue doing the best they can in order to find true encouragement. Forgive the professionals they think that they have answers to something they have no truly full understanding of, they think enough money will solve problems. On the other hand the truth of what you feel is only fully known by you and no matter how loud you scream or complain no one other than you can really feel it. Other survivors know that feeling of helplessness, but they also can be negatively effected by someone who should be an example of how to survive blaming others. All survivors must understand god gave you the ability to give power to anything you choose so that if you choose wisely you will have peace and can encourage each other to find pease. Jesus said it is not that enters you that corrupts you, it is what comes from you. Find your peace by accepting what’s is no one can change it but you can make the best of it.

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