Reply To: Am I too sensitive?

Faeezah Storer

Hi Daniel,

The biggest challenge I’d say the physical, spiritual and emotional
challenges. I had help from my partner who is loving and unselfish person I
have ever known. God bless him. I had to learn from scratch who was in
charge. God. I was eager to learn. In my mind, I was a child. As an adult,
I’d see an incapacitated big body. I could not correlate the two. I think
mind over matter wins in the end for me. I navigated by watching cartoons,
or programmes what is pleasing to me for example, Disney classics or a love
story. Then, I went on to watch crime thrillers and mystery movies. It gave
me a sense of what am I dealing with. The reality of the world and the
people in it. I discovered that the good and the bad, and everything in

Warm regards,