Reply To: Am I too sensitive?

Faeezah Storer

Hi there,

Thank you for alerting to many stroke survivors about your experience/s.
Thank you to George for emailing me about this discussion.

My contribution is about, “are we too sensitive…”. I am very very
sensitive. I’d say yes, in your situation. Perhaps, you could approach it
from a different perspective. Say, I’d change the camera lens. For you, I
see it through your eyes. I came out of the stroke as a tender 5 year old,
due to the consequences. I was realistically in my 40’s. I withdrew from
people. From all my friends and my family. I wasn’t yet ready to see them.
Perhaps they were laughing at me, some prayed for me. You may never know.
Some admire me from afar. I do not know what they are thinking. I let only
people who I am comfortable with.

Maybe, your friend who comes to see how you are doing and goes away, pray
for you and cries behind your back. Cries to God, “Please restore him and
heal him.” You should your frustrations with your partner, your priest or
with a therapy group. I am very shy. The therapy group I could not handle
it at first. Now I can speak about it.

Do it for yourself, every available opportunity to heal. There are some
days that don’t want to get up. Others, I am positive. Never, ever, stop
giving up on you or yourself.

Kind regards,
Faeezah (stroke survivor).