Reply To: Accepted? Or Tolerated?

Strokefocus Admin

Kele, you just highlighted a major gap we need to close.

We survivors crave for acceptance. We are dying for it every waking minute down to our heart. But sadly it seems much easier to find acceptance among other survivors than our own kids.

Therefore, working with other survivors not only gives us meaning to our new life, but also provides a peaceful sanctuary for our tired soul.

While this provides relief, it also perpetuates a numbing pain. Over time, a wall erects separating those who accept us from those who tolerate us. Sadly our family members are not where we want them to be.

To bring Johnny to this side of the wall, Deborah realized that she could not count on Johnny and Nick to talk it out in their spacious and comfortable American home. She had to expose Johnny to something the boy was never aware of. Deborah’s strategy worked beautifully.

What can we learn from Deborah? Think what that will do to raise stroke awareness among our own kids, when we bring everyone we love to this side of the wall, just like Deborah did to Johnny.