Reply To: How to engage survivors? Your Thoughts?

Strokefocus Admin
Let me give you 2 examples. 
1) We have a world’s top stroke blogger offer to train survivors to write better blogs. 600 survivors were invited. Many expressed interest before they would like to learn to write better. Among 600 survivors invited, 1 shows up occasionally to the class. Very discouraged, the blogger vowed not to do it again.
2) A world class mindfulness coach who Harvard seeks to work with, has offered to the stroke community to provide free online sessions. We got only 1 person responding to the offer. No one seems interested. So we have not done anything yet due to lack of interest.
Did we bring these resources close to survivors? Yes. I do not know how much closer you can get. Have we got any engagement? Close to none. Will these people offer to help again? I doubt it. 
Question is how we could change that.