Reply To: How to engage survivors? Your Thoughts?

Phanuel Mabbola

Good morning, thank youso much sr for your response and for being resourceful, you are very correct being financially sound is not the answer I agree with you. Indeed we need to create the system a platforms which will connect us closer to the stroke survivors. What we are trying to do as National Stroke Aid, we are working on a project which will be submitted to some local hospital to start with,  the project is an Acute stroke unit, which Will enable us to follow the the patient from the time they get to the hospital all the procedures they under go and what ever happens will be in our recods. That’s the project we are are trying to work on and the after they are discharged from hospital we want to set Up some rehabilitation central and also the home visitation arrangement of follow up programme of which iam doing already, I visit patients from their homes and am working on setting up a team of care givers who will be helping out with the stroke survivors. Any advice please.