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Mary Nicholson, Founder of Healings in Motion, was a successful businesswoman. After suffering a life-altering stroke, her biggest venture became the reclamation of her life.


Her journey of change began with a broken heart, after the devastating loss of her newlywed husband to Pancreatic Cancer.  Her mourning was so severe and painful that Mary was hospitalized twice. She could not believe that the love that swept her off her feet was now gone.


While grieving, Mary had a brain aneurysm and was rushed to the hospital.  While on the operating table, she then suffered an ischemic stroke, grand mal seizure and a frozen shoulder.


Her injuries left her without the ability to drive, walk or even make a complete sentence.  But Mary knew that her body, mind and soul were her #1 business and priority.


With this focus, she worked relentlessly to gain back her strength and engaged with organizations that worked with others with disabilities. This led to her to coordinate and sponsor the 1st  Central Valley Learning Disability Fair.  The success of this event, her love of helping others and bringing people together led Mary to establish Healings in Motion.



"Healings in Motion's mission is to prevent strokes, diminish the re-occurrence of strokes, enhance stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury recovery and provide support to caregivers.

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