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    I am 2.6 years post stroke and no day is the same.
    there are many challenges and situations that arise, so i would like to explore all situations here
    Survivors, what do you think?

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    • micksmith

      I have slowly noticed that my ups and downs are more pronounced post TBI. A minor health issue seems to trigger everything at once sometimes.  Sore throat triggers head ache triggers eyes ears nose tummy etc.  Is that normal being more fragile like that or just me.
      Any advice to avoid triggers?
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    • Strokefocus Admin

      Gene, you speak the minds of many on this forum. Thanks for sharing.What can we do to help you achieve your goal?

    • Eugene Sekiguchi

      about 3:15 pm pdt
      To all,
      It seems that everyday is different.  My stroke was in January of 2011.  
      The treatments available now seems to be more numerous than then and a bit confusing.  So I think of that.  Occasionally, I wish that I had the stroke at a different time.  But now is now. 
      The daily challenges of each day is quite different from day to day.  I think that hourly or even changes by the minute are baffling put they all seem to pass.
      My long term goal is to erase ignorance about (normal) aging and put into context strokes, TBI, etc.  Along the way, prevention, what to do (& when) and questions will be answered. 

      This has been my mission but other ideas keep occurring.
      I think that if your mind is operational the thoughts will be dealt with in a satisfactory way.  If one can not deal with the thoughts independently or in a group, go see a professional.
      An advocate,

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