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    Thobeka Marumo

    Hi everyone, just remembered something that was the light side for me after my stroke. My arm was heavy and limp which initially 🤬 Angry but then after sometime I named my arm “Elephant Trunk ” 🐘😅. All day it would be funny whenever I had to get up or move it around because I would say “let’s go Elle” 😆, then I’d pick it up and carry it with my left arm or out of the way. Did anyone have a funny of coping with effects of Stroke?

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      You own nickname, yes. But it’s cruel for somebody else to nickname you. It
      took me 10 years to even jest about my stroke, for there is little
      humorous about stroke.

      • Thobeka Marumo

        It is hard, guess it was a way for me to cope with the condition I found myself in. yeah own nickname, definitely

    • Ignatius Himbala

      Yes Thobeka I also nicknamed my right arm as “weightlifter”

      • Thobeka Marumo

        😊, the things we do to get by daily. It helped me to give it a nickname during a hectic recovery 🙂.

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