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    One of our members from South Africa submitted the following:
    The nerve pain continues if with Epleptin Gabatin, taken 1800gm per day. Daily pain incapacitate me from tasks at home, at work and social events with family & friends.
    Survivors, what do you think?

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    • Faeezah Storer

      Hi Donna,

      Meditation is awesome. I am a deep seated thinker. I would love to empty my
      mind or meditate on something or in nature.

      I have never heard of sound healing. Would you tell me about sound healing?

      Thank you. It would be appreciated.

      Warm regards,

    • Hersh Minnis

      Thank you. I appreciate it.

    • Strokefocus Admin

      Donna, tell me more about sound healing.

    • Donna Dymally

      I would utilize sound healing….I have complex regional pain syndrome as a result of my stroke. I used meditation and sound healing to relieve the pain.

    • anrie carstens

      Good morning

      This patient must see a doctor to examine him and prescribe meds
      accordingly. I would recommend a rehab doctor or neurologist.

      *Dr Anrie Carstens*
      General Practitioner – Special Interest Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine
      MBBCh (Wits), BComm Path (UP), Ma(AAC) (UP)

      For any administrative queries, including prescriptions, forms, reports and
      appointments, please call my practice manager at 011 482 4833 or send and
      e-mail to admin@rehabdoctor.co.za

    • Phanuel Mabbola

      Good morning try to take some nerve builders and some brain foods like flax
      Seed oil, some nuts almond nuts, cashew nuts pine canels also are good you
      may find them in a healthy food shop like health conections, shop rite and
      many more.

    • Cosmo Kramer

      We are in the process of finalizing the app development. A lot of work.

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