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    Kele Motshwane

    I want to know how I can get my hand to function again I had made great progress in the first year post stroke until I had a seizure which left my hand and wrist non functional and ever since then I have had a number of interventions but I still haven’t regained the use of my hand and even though I believe that I will regain the se of my hand sometimes I get scared that I may not get it back to what it was before but I will continue to do exercises shown to me by the various therapists I have been to in the past. I saw someone in some group talking about how their GP referred them to a specialised stroke rehab hospital where they did a 3 weeks treatment and the lady who wasn’t able to walk in heels was able to do that after the treatment. There was talk of a special stroke hospital being built in South Africa and I would like to know if there is any hope of the therapist there bringing in treatments that have worked for stroke survivors all over the world.

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    • George Scola

      25 years post stroke and Rita regains some movement!!! WOW now that message needs to be broadcast to stroke survivors and Healthcare professionals worldwide…don’t give your stroke recovery a time frame, we are all unique and respond differently…rather let that be a standard response.

    • Donna Dymally
    • Strokefocus Admin

      Kele, I understand how anxious it feels.

      Let me share a video from one of Strokefocus’ cofounders, Rita. She started
      moving her fingers 25 years after stroke:

      Rita has only one secret share: never give up.

      • Kele Motshwane

        Hi Daniel is it possible to have videos of different exercises that helps with regaining the use of the limbs on the app?

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