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      Rapid test for brain injury gets FDA breakthrough status

      Dive Brief:
      A rapid test for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) capable of confirming a concussion in less than 90 seconds has received FDA’s breakthrough device status. The designation for BioDirection’s test is intended to speed development, assessment, and review of a device.
      The test, called the Tbit platform, uses a nanotechnology-based sensor to measure protein biomarkers that are released from the brain into the bloodstream immediately after head trauma. The system includes a small portable analyzer and a single-use disposable cartridge that can detect small amounts of biomarkers in a drop of blood.
      A faster diagnosis for brain injury can support the most appropriate treatment decisions and reduce unnecessary head CT scans, the company said.


    • Daniel Gu

      This is amazing!

      Professor Maguire, do you know about it?

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