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    One of our members from South Africa submitted the following:


    Emotional support. From time to time i become emotional snd feel like crying, impatient, stressful


    Survivors, what do you think?

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      Ronel, I agree with Daniel. Stroke survivors  just can’t be rushed into a group setting because someone else thinks it would be a good idea. Establishing a one-on-one relationship, preferably with another stroke survivor who’s not “new” to the game, will be beneficial. Remember, crying, inpatient, and stressful are typical early on. They’re part of the grieving process that we all go through as stroke survivors. Time is your friend. Those emotions will become less and less. Best wishes, my friend.

    • Strokefocus Admin

      Ronel, Someone working closely with survivors has found the following:1. Survivors do want to socialize. But it is much better to start by helping survivors establish one to one connection than pushing survivors into group meetings. 2. It is more preferable to focus on things we gained before stroke such as job experience or hobbies than challenges we face after stroke. 
      What do you think about this finding?

    • Ronel Kolesky

      Feel depressed sometimes. Become Anxious with big groups of people known or unknown. 

    • Compton Cam

      It’s called PBA and it does happen.  Mine was very bad at first and I was confused and upset about it.  As I got better I could feel it coming on and would warn whoever I was talking to or with so they wouldnt be surprised.  At some point it did stop or become so infrequent I rarely think about it.  Some people have used medication to help, others like me just kept going and it went away as we progressed.

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