Reply To: Stroke prevention

Hersh Minnis

Hi. I’m Hersh. You ask the $64 question. I guess that every person who experienced stroke has asked, and continues to ask, that question. (I think that health care practitioners also desire to know the answer(s) to your question(s).) I believe that there is no simple answer(s). To say that stroke incidents are very complex is a huge understatement. Some things, like stroke, sometimes just happen. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. Just like accidents, sometimes there’s just no way to reconstruct the separate parts of what happened and conclusively identify the “true cause”. The entire event is a great mystery to everyone who must grapple with the outcome, including family and friends of the person directly affected.

Stroke and other cardiovascular diseases have been around hitting people for a very long time. A pill or shot or diet or exercise regimen has not been discovered yet that, if followed, prevents the occurrence of stroke or definitively reduces the occurrence rate. So, I think the probable answer(s) to your questions are yet to be discovered. But…..
While waiting on some desperately needed answers, we can all strive to find activities, meds (if desired), diets, and other lifestyle choices that help each day to be better than the previous days. Some remedies will be natural; some will be stumbled upon; still others will be learned behavior changes. The point being, be open to all of it and to what your life is offering you now…today…from moment to moment.
By doing this, perhaps you can discover your personal “cure” that prevents you from experiencing another episode of a cardiovascular disease like stroke or heart attack or other seriously debilitating disease or injury.
Good luck to each and every one of us who can claim Victory over our stroke experiences!!