Reply To: Am I too sensitive?

Faeezah Storer

Hi Thobeka and Daniel,

I think that different personalities, albeit about their being quiet about
their pain or they want to help or give back. I want to talk by merely
helping people or you. That’s why I am on the discussion group. I have lots
of pain. From beginning to end. I felt it. My limbs were numb.Emotionally I
was deplete. I had a CVS stroke. Intellectually, I was devastated. I
crawled to the level I am at. My faith got me through it. I still cry to
God about what happened to me and what’s happening to me. I would like to
hear about muscle spasms and mobility. I would love to hear what exercises
do you do and your “stroke” diet. I’m starting to look like a little
dumpling. Please help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Warm regards