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The key to living a joyful life is within yourself. It is about believing in yourself, aspiring for a meaningful life, being mindful, knowing your awesomeness. This equally, if not more, applies to persons with disabilities, regardless of the challenges society throws at them. You owe it to yourself to rediscover your strengths, passions and aspirations after you acquire a disability. You and you only can chart your path to a joyful and purposeful life by facing and embracing both your disability demons and gifts. The power to change your life and your lived experiences lie within, and embracing disability, rather than fixing it, is often the catalyst for change.

Life coaching is a tool to harness the strengths and abilities of persons with disabilities to thrive in a disabling world, in contrast to disability support services, which tend to focus on fixing or healing persons with disabilities, zooming in on inability and deficit.

If you would like to explore whether life coaching can help you find meaning in life, contact me for a free, no-obligation #DisabilityMojo Discovery session by scheduling an appointment <; or by dropping me a WhatsApp message on 063 442 3098. 😊


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