Reply To: Support Groups in North/Central/Southern Johannesburg for mom(speech apraxia)

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Dear Pearl


Whilst I cannot assist with support groups in Gauteng (I am sure you will get many responses in this regard), it is important that you consider Augmentative and Alternative Communication tools for your mom to assist her with communication, if she has not already received such assistance.



I am in the south east United States. But no matter where you are in the world you have to understand and take charge of your life that requires that you take the circumstances you have and deciding that you will do the best you can with them.

It is not worth your anxiety because you can not change them, but you can decide how you choose to limit them, because no one can make you change what you feel or why you feel that way but individually you need to decide for yourself to make your life worth the most.

It can be your worth is your feelings what other people think or say can not force a change in your worth forgive yourself for what you can’t do anymore and concentrate on what you can cherish the new things you will find you know and can do well “