Reply To: Accepted? Or Tolerated?


I have watched and listened to our attempts to help one another. It is sad that so many struggle with trying to get others to give them positive feelings. The truth that needs to be taught is that only each individual can determine for themselves what they can feel and WHY. The best we can do is make up our own mind to make each day the best it can be given our unique circumstance. If you want your day to be better you must find those who care enough to allow others to experience life and overcome their challenges, you can help them to overcome but they must choose the path.many times our caregivers and families are trying to force us to choose to overcome. How you interpret thier actions is your own. You ask for empathy but if you do not practice it yourself do not expect any in return. God gave you the day what you do with it and how you feel about it is up to you. Your circumstances  will not change till you decide to change them or, perhaps look at them differently.
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