Reply To: How do you handle feeling like you’re going backwards in recovery?

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We received this from a survivor. This is his story: I got up and went down [had a fall] in the morning. Luckily my wife was there. I got to the hospital, but not in time for the shot (TPA). This is his question: I went backwards in my recovery. I exercised regularly and about 1 year things got worse. I have bad balance. It has been 2 years now. What can I do? Your insights might be helpful and any help you can provide is appreciated.


Vince, thank you for posting. Please forward the URL of this discussion thread to the survivor who asked the question.

And I would really encourage professionals being notified of this discussion offer your opinion.

I would myself do 2 things:

1) I would have a candid discussion with the professional in charge to talk through my concern. I would also ask for an MRI just to be sure.

2) then I would also have faith that recovery continues. 2 years seem a long time. Most of my functions return in 3-4 years. Jill Bolte Taylor, the Harvard Professor who suffered a massive stroke and fully recovered, documented that by Year 4, she could not handle division. Her math skill was less than a 5th grader. Although after full recovery, she went back to become a dean of neuroscience again.