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From 2014 to 2018 MB4 Fitness has performed over 50,000 HIT sessions in our studio with zero injuries caused by a session. Our job is to make you the best version of you. We specialize in multiple techniques of High Intensity Training (HIT). In order to encourage the body to change, we apply a direct stimulus to the targeted muscle(s) under a prescribed load and within a specified time frame, in conjunction with proper joint alignment and muscle function. The equipment that we use provides a big difference in properly inroading the targeted muscular structure in the safest possible way. Which why we're providing significant results in just 30 minute sessions, performed 1 to 2 times per week. Our goal at MB 4 Fitness is allow your body to achieve its true genetic potential.


There are many benefits to proper HIT performance. For example you:

  • Can increase protein synthesis (increase lean muscle mass). After 35 or 40, you begin losing about a pound of lean mass each year and typically replace it with fat. It's called sarcopenia. Activities such as running and biking are actually sarcopenia activities. Carried on infinitely, you'll lose muscle mass from them. When you lose lean mass, you lose
    • Functional Ability
    • Metabolic Efficiency
    • Cardiovascular Output
    • Hormonal Output
    • the ability to do things in general
  • Can remount bone mineralization (especially for postmenopausal females). We send signals with HIT exercise to activate osteoblasts and osteoclasts. For example, a stress fracture can heal faster.
  • Can increase the number of Mitochondria which are cellular energy generators that supply all the power your body requires for a healthy life span, especially as we age.
  • Can improve chemical and hormonal output.
  • Can improve glucose economy by using sugar as fuel instead of storing it as fat. Including insulin sensitivity in type-two diabetics, which is reversible with proper exercise (HIT) and improved nutrition.
  • Can improve cardiovascular function. Proper exercise produces a higher order on our cardiovascular system, in turn, improving the vascular and muscular networks making our heart function more efficiently.
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Phone: 407-399-8155

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