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    George Scola

    What has been your best stroke survivor hack that you have found to help you out the most?

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    • Faeezah Storer

      ##A non-slip bath mat, crossword puzzles, word finding search and reading
      to improve my memory. It helped my a great deal##

    • George Scola

      1. Non-slip mat in the kitchen 2. Assisted chopping board with raised corner sides

      • Kele Motshwane

        Hi George is it possible to post a picture of the chopping board that you are using as mine doesn’t have raised corner sides and I think that something like that would be very helpful to me. I have been cooking a lot during the holidays and making all sorts of things like my own chilli sauce that needs a lot of cutting of onions, tomatoes and chilli so I rely on my family to cut the veggies for me and I get frustrated when it is done in their own time.

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