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    Anne Tillinghast

    What is one challenge you, or your loved one, faced after leaving the hospital? Did your therapist or doctor help with that challenge?

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    • Damont Goolsby

      The first 6 months where very challenging. Mostly fears about having
      another stroke and abapting to the new me.

      Fear will rob your life. As survivors we have to learn how to not allow
      false evidence appearing real steal your joy of life. Always remember there
      is life after stroke. I’m a 28 year post stroke!

    • Hersh Minnis

      One challenge I faced upon returning home was being home alone for essentially the entire day. Neither a doctor nor a therapist was told about my fear (or concern). I struggled with managing the time being alone.

    • Jim Smith


    • Hersh Minnis

      Ann, hello. I believe that the piece I shared with the group family might be helpful for this couple. If my presentation was recorded. Hersh.

    • zoe

      mine was that I got zero info! I had no real understanding of what had happened what to expect and how to live ice going forward we were both left stranded and clueless been so hard! trying to navigate this. no clarity or guidelines about anything from food to exercise and still blank and in the dark been awful!! so just been as resourceful as I can be hoping it will help us as a couple too!!!

    • Eugene Sekiguchi

      To all,
      I felt like Gu.
      Because of ignorance of aging and about strokes, the time which was probably was wasted and went by too quickly.
      I definitely feel that more could have been done, if I were not so ignorant.
      But that is water under the bridge. The ignorance of others should not be. Ignorance must be erased.
      Eugene Sekiguchi

    • Strokefocus Admin

      I felt like being pushed off a cliff to be entirely on my own.

      Very terrifying!

      In the hospital, I was at least surrounded by doctors, nurses and
      therapists and I was aware they would be gone.

      I realized in the first few weeks how slow the recovery would be compared
      to my expectation.

      Then nurses and therapists did their best to cheer me up before the

      That unfortunately aggravated my fear as everything they called “what a
      great progress” fell so short of my hope and expectation.

      I could barely move my leg when they cheered.

      You call that a great job? And in a few weeks I will be sent home like this?

      That was truly depressing and stressful.

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