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    Daniel Gu

    Hello everyone, welcome to Strokefocus forum which is the place for stroke survivors, caregivers, professionals and local organizations to share our thoughts and questions.

    Too much notifications or not enough

    Our members differ in how much they want to be notified about the new topics and replies. Some would like to be notified every time there is a new topic or reply. Others not so much.

    Right now, every new user will be automatically subscribed to new forums when signing up on Strokefocus.

    And it is very easy for everyone to unsubscribe from the forums if you decide that is too much. Just unfollow the forum using the mobile app, or on your email notification, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

    You can join discussion via email

    You can join discussion in three ways:

    1. Log into the Strokefocus Forum;
    2. Use your app
    3. Or via email without logging in.

    Just reply to the email notification. The system will post your email reply. It is the same as replying on the site or by the app.

    What is coming?

    The technology team is working hard to introduce a number of new features. Very soon, the search function on the mobile app will cover the forum.

    And they will also implement a function allowing you to report topics and comments you consider inappropriate.

    Strokefocus Help Email

    Every time, you need more help, write to help@staging.strokefocus.net

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      Keep them coming! I like to know other stroke survivors’ thoughts in the

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