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This situation seems very hard for you, having to adjust to various aspects of life post your mum’s Stroke.
As Avashna has suggested try SASSA, you can try and go in alone to get all the necessary information before taking your mother.

I will share my experience, but maybe things have changed  ( I heard of online process for grant application):
We went to Sassa offices where we were given forms that we had to fill and one we took to hospital to be filled by doctor. They had given us a date to bring back the forms together with required documents.
On returning the forms, they set up an appointment ( 2-3 weeks later)for us with you state doctor (Internal doctor). Who conducted a physical check and made her decision based on her assessment. We proceeded to the office where all was completed.
They started it off being 6 months with renewal and after few years…It became permanent.
Please find out from their offices for new processes.
Hope this was helpful.