Reply To: Accepted? Or Tolerated?

Strokefocus Admin

Great point. 
To make this education work, it needs to be:
Simple and a little bit fun. For friends and families (caregivers). 
Based on an idea submitted by the South African Team, how about something like this: Ask people to wear a glove on their non-dominant hands. A right handed individual will wear the glove on the left hand. A left handed individual will wear the glove on the right hand.In the next 2 hours, people can only use the hand with the glove to do things, including sending emails, answering the phone, tying shoes and putting on a tie. 
This is the easiest way to expose people to the experience of post stroke disability. To quote the South African team who came up with the idea, the experience is to turn sympathy into empathy. Acceptance comes with empathy. 

Survivors and caregivers, what are your thoughts?