Reply To: How to engage survivors? Your Thoughts?

Strokefocus Admin
Mabbola, the system is already up and running. I am not sure the answer is we need to do this, do that and do all these things to the system.Quite the contrary, we need to first find what interests survivors first. 
Today, not only survivors need help. Professionals, researchers and companies producing solutions for survivors need help too. They need to understand survivors better. They have resources. They are actively looking for ways to observe survivors. To encourage those stakeholders to put in more resources to help everyone, you need a very active survivor community. No matter what system you put out there, if the survivors are not using them, if survivors prefer to remain silent, then those with resources will notice that there is no interest among survivors, and they get nothing by staying involved, then they leave. 
You can do everything you can to get it close to survivors. But unless survivors are using it, nothing will happen.